Public Safety Department

Blackman/Leoni Public Safety Department

Leoni Township Board of Trustees voted on August 10, 2010 to merge Police and Fire services with Blackman Township Public Safety. The 5th St. station has an officer on duty at all times. If you have an emergency please dial 911!

NOTE: Address Signs (Life Signs) still purchased through Leoni Township Clerk office 517-936-2290

Leoni Township offers all of it's residents and anyone interested an address sign that will help us locate your home in case of an emergency. We recommend that everyone purchase at least one of these signs to place near the entrance to your home. The current cost is $20.00 each and any profit gets invested in the fire department.

Blackman Leoni Public Safety Department - Director Mike Jester 517-788-4223

Blackman/Leoni Public Safety

The Department consists of 29 officers. 4 more will be added soonOf those 29 Officers there is one fire investigator, 4 detectives and 2 canine units. Leoni Township does not contract for a specific number of officers. The Township lines are essentially erased and the Dept. treats Blackman and Leoni as if it were one Township.

Burning Information - To obtain a burning permit please call 517-788-4223

  • Only when winds are below 7 mph.
  • At least 20 feet away from the street.
  • At least 15 feet away from buildings,property lines,fence row.
  • Must have a method to keep under control.
  • Must be continuously supervised.
  • Must be out by 7:00 PM.
  • No Smoke
  • No Embers
  • Cool to the touch
  • Campfires, ONLY,Can burn until 12.00 Midnight