Sewer and Water Info

Sewer and Water problems:

                              7:30am to 4pm  517-522-8445, Monday to Friday.

                              After Hours 517-768-2515

*** If no one answers leave a message (problem/name/address/phone number) and/or call a plumber. Make sure to do a follow up at 517-936-2295 if there is no answer and owner has to calls a plumber.

Utility Payment Information:

The Treasurer’s office Drive-Up window and inside office will be open from 7:30 am to 5 pm from Monday through Thursday. *Drop Box Back of Building*.

For those residents mailing payments and requesting a receipt, please include a self-addressed, self-stamped envelope with your payment.

Debit or credit cards can be use BS&A Online at the following web address:  and navigating to Leoni Township, Utility Billing Payments or utilize the direct link available at the home page.

Debit or credit cards used on web/phone/in-person WILL have an additional charge.

Leoni Twp is not set up to accept ACH payments. If you want auto pay, you will have to contact your bank.

            Keep in mind, you will need to periodically check on your Utility Account to make sure everything is running smoothly. If you need to make changes, you will need to contact your bank.

Contact Billing and Payment:

For any  Billing questions please call 517-936-2295, Monday to Thursday or email

For any Payment questions please call Treasure Office 517-936-2301 or 517-936-2303, Monday to Thursday.


Commercial Water is Metered and billed monthly

Commercial Sewer is billed by REU and Residential Water/Sewer is billed Flat Rate. Both are billed Quarterly.

JUN – AUG (due in Sep)

SEP – NOV (due in Dec)

DEC – FEB (due in Mar)

MAR – MAY (due in Jun)

Accounts with ZERO BALANCE or CREDIT will not be mailed out. If you do not receive a bill, you can always set up an account with BSA (pay your bill online) and check on your account and/or print bills.


Sewer and Water will have a 5% Late Fee applied to the account if invoice are not paid by due date.

Bills not paid by the LAST day in June,  will be rolled over to the Winter Taxes with a 10% penalty. This amount will not be able to be paid till mid-December.

Change of Address/Name:

Allow 15 to 30 days from closing to update your name and/or address. Once assessing receives the updated information from closing and it should automatically change when I update my UB system.

For any future name and/or address change, please email with the property address & account # , and also include what the new information needs to be.

Residential accounts will always be in the name of the owner but a copy of the bill can be sent to another address.

Commercial accounts can have a customer name change.

*** If there is two copies being mailed out, there will always be a copy sent to the address on file with assessing.